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E. N. Leonard


Nice! Do you have a website where I can learn more about your books?

My dystopian WIP is currently called Until He Comes (but that might change):

Joy. Honor. Sacrifice. Love.

Jade Nightingale is determined to leave behind her family’s smelly Fisher class and become a ballerina, even if she must please those she hates to get there.

Mara Gobey-Hanad, the eldest of a prestigious family of Protectors, is expected to uphold the family tradition and honor, even if it cages her very soul.

When Jade’s father starts a Fishers’ rebellion against the Benevolents, all hope is lost for Jade while Mara finds the key to the Benevolents’ approval. But do joy and honor really mean what they thought?

We are called to be lights in the cosmos.
May your inkwells never run dry!

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