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Joshua Scheele


Yeah that is a good question to consider as it is a working progress. I thought it would be more practical to not have a coin purse due to their tasks that primarily entail fighting (predators for example) where they are often rolling and wrestling. I figured they could have a special satchel that does not dangle or jangle causing physical or sound inconvenience. It would hold their exclusive currency (the tokens) that is a tough but fancy cloth like material with specific patterns that identify it as apart of a specific guild network. It is often used as a credit. Perhaps the shop can make money off of the special currency by selling it back to the public for a set price to be reused or maybe cashed into the guild to encourage its acceptance and use of the creatures’ services.

I thought of having it go back to a historical event where the intelligent 4 legged and other races made a charter/agreement of equality and inclusion into society with certain conditions/rules of ethics within a certain portion of the world. Societies not matter where you look, always want to separate themselves from others even though they should unite as equals. This all occurred after a world cataclysm that upset the balance of the world due to some terraforming. Perhaps it was a mean joke but it was welcomed by the secluded creatures as a way to be unique and it also met their practical views.

The grooming/cleaning services is a mix of my humor of it being a spa and the idea of what creatures don’t like being scratched and getting attention. lol I also figured they would be extra eager to make it a mark of civility to gain equality compared to their less civilized wilder cousins as appearances can often be almost everything in many cultures. It could make them more inviting to 2 legged races to interact with and see them for who they want to be.

My favorite example are seaports that employ sea dragons for security as there are larger creatures of the deep that might cause inconvenience if drawn to the surface. As payment the port created a massive rock that is heavily guarded where the dragons can carelessly sun themselves and crews can clean all the barnacles and parasites off of them. Perhaps even protect their young while the parents are away.

I am sure they all could use a dentist for repairs and abscesses. lol

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