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R.M. Archer


Not to cancel the bartering concept, ’cause that’s neat, but why couldn’t intelligent creatures wear some sort of satchel or belt (belt would probably work better since it could be kept closer to the body and not get in the way of moving legs) with a money bag attached?

How would tickets/tokens not have the same carrying needs as regular money?

Do they need cleaning/grooming services if they’re intelligent creatures, on top of their regular animal abilities to clean themselves? Would these services be more equivalent to a spa/salon/etc. for humans? If they wear clothes, I’m extra confused as to why they can’t carry money around. Lodging could be very cool, though, because that would give you the additional opportunity to ask how lodging is constructed to accommodate such creatures. And food is always a good bartering option.

You’re off to a really interesting start! I’m curious about the overall relationships between the humans/humanoids and 4-legged creatures, and what sort of cultures crop up in each category and in the overlap. You’ve got a lot to play with there. 🙂

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