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Joshua Scheele


Hi Sydney! It is awesome to have you with us! I am Josh and have been here on SE for almost a 1 year. It has been the best step in my writing journey yet!

Your book sounds really awesome! I started writing medieval fantasy short stories when I was in high school, mainly for myself to past the time away. It was usually about a knight, his squire, and his remaining men at arms who got separated from the English army at the battle of Agincourt and make their way home to England.

Then I fell head over heels for fantasy “Lord of the Rings, Redwall, and Narnia” to switch over to writing it for the past 2.5 years. Some would say I am a bit more ambitious than Tolkien when it comes to worldbuilding because my story goes from one planet to the universe full of battles, exploration/discovery, invention, and adventure. Although I can’t compete with his language making skills. lol It may take at least a couple series to finish the main plot. lol

My main theme is to always do what is right no matter the cost. My story starts out with an exiled orphaned princess who does her best to care for her remaining child friends and fill the mother role to her young siblings. She then how finds herself surrounded by mighty warriors of good heart and loyal to the end. Through them she learns how to show Christ-like love even though times are dark and terrifying and to always make the best of life. She then begins her campaign to unite all tribes and kingdoms as one to save their land from an impending doom that will swallow them all.

So far my solution to dealing with unruly characters is to throw them into hilarious situations or put them through a tough trial that builds some character in them. lol

I love to draw nearly anything but have not had a lot of time to do it for my story due to work. Luckily, my little sis @ajstoryteller is amazing at it and has been phenomenal at helping me design my countless creatures, monsters, and characters.

Medieval history is one of my favorite times in history and I would be happy to be a beta reader if you are looking for one. 🙂

A real hero remains accountable until the end.

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