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Sydney Witbeck

Thank you! That helped! I think I have it now 🙂

Oh, that’s amazing! I love dogs! We have chickens too, and we used to have quail! They’re so adorable! We currently have chickens, turkeys, two horses, a dog, and two cats, so, you could say we have a lot of animals XD

Me too! What kind of chickens do you have? Ours are Jerseys.

HORSES!?! Did you say horses?!! Aaaah! I would absolutely love to get a horse!!! I’m kind of equestrian crazy so maybe one day…. What breed do you have? What are their names?

Oh goodness, that’s hilarious! I have one like that too XD He went from love interest to villain to important side character to a POV character and a love interest again. It’s been a wild ride, he’s probably my favorite character to write! In my opinion, it’s not a problem at all! Your main character isn’t the only important character, side characters sometimes outgrow their roles, and often they’re some of the best and most fun characters ever! And yes! I’d love to hear more about him! What’s his name, what’s he like?

I love those characters that just kind of take over the writing – except when they go and do something that wasn’t in my story outline and I have to change direction midway. I would definitely be interested in hearing more about him! Is he your MC now? My side character/potential MC/no idea where he came from character is named Payton. He’s young, blond hair, green eyes, the son of a palace guard. He wants more than anything to love up to his father’s expectations. Payton’s older brother was a soldier who was killed in battle when he (Payton) was really little, but Payton sometimes feels like he is still “living in his older brother’s shadow” so to speak. He would do pretty much anything not to disappoint those he looks up to. Ethan is trainer for the boys in the village who want to become soldiers and Payton is a part of that group. Because of certain incidents in Ethan’s past which I can’t go into, Payton resents Ethan’s authority and pretty much lets him know it every chance he gets although really Payton’s exterior annoying attitude is mainly a front to hide his insecurity and doubt. Whew! Sorry if that’s a lot XD

Well, no XD I originally started it as a standalone, then everything got out of hand and it became a trilogy. I feel like it usually happens that way XD It’s a fantasy set in a north-African inspired setting! It’s about a princess who has to rescue her brother, the king, from an attacking enemy. It’s a more grounded fantasy, there isn’t a magic system or fantasy animals, so it’s just a different world. It’s been immense fun to write, I’m on the third draft of book one now! I’m not planning to publish it, just learn everything I can from it.

I love your story plot! It sounds so cool! How long have you been working on it? What is the biggest change you’ve made in your revision so far? I think my biggest revision in my first book was adding a battle scene. Which was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever written. I’m going to see if I can make it through this project without a battle but we’ll see! XD

By the way, what is your biggest writing dream? Mine is to write an allegory…..which I desperately want to do….

Yep, that’s what it’s like *Cries in why don’t my characters behave* XD Ohhh, I love the premise of your story! It sounds like so much fun! What has been your favorite part of writing it?

I know!!! Now I enjoy writing Payton but he has his moments where he just refuses to listen to me. I tell him he can’t go somewhere then he goes off and takes his little brother with him. I tell him to apologize to Ethan for his behavior and he gives me THAT look and an eye roll. Then he apologizes because he doesn’t want to let his father down not because of me.

Oh thank you!! My favorite part was seeing my ideas come to life on paper. Okay I know that sounds kind of, well, cliche, so I’ll explain. For awhile, I just had this story that was running through my head about a girl, a princess, who was fleeing through the woods for her life on her horse. (Her horse, by the way, is one of my favorite characters. He’s a wild stallion who has been tamed by Esther’s – MC’s – love, and his heart belongs to her and her alone.) Anyway, when I found I how much I enjoyed writing this down and discovering who she was and why she was escaping, that was when my real love for actually wanting to write a book began. Another thing I love is finding and writing conflicted characters. (That’s why I like Payton so much I think) I hope that doesn’t sound bad… Taren, my second main character kind of, has a really conflicted past. He was taken captive and forced to serve in the enemy army, the same one that attacked and burned his old city. I liked getting into his head and writing his story. What has been your favorite part of writing? What is the biggest setback you’ve faced?

It stands for Historical European Martial Arts! It’s a pretty broad term, but in my case that specifically means I’m learning longsword and some unarmed and dagger techniques from approximately the 15th century! I could talk about it all day XD I got into it via writing and it’s so much fun!

Oh. My. Goodness. That sounds soooo cool!!!! Aaaaah!!!!! Seriously! How long have you been doing HEMA? I’d probably listen all day, by the way! XD What is your favorite weapon/technique so far? If I had to pick a weapon to learn, I’d pick the bow and arrow, but my second choice would be a sword. 🙂

By the way, I don’t know what you call the little quote that shows up under different people’s posts, but I love yours!

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