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I also have two dogs – a purebred Vizsla and a rescue who is a bit of everything (including Great Dane….) and is absolutely the sweetest dog. Ever. 🙂 We also have 4 other goats, 4 chickens and 3 quail…

Oh, that’s amazing! I love dogs! We have chickens too, and we used to have quail! They’re so adorable!

We currently have chickens, turkeys, two horses, a dog, and two cats, so, you could say we have a lot of animals XD

Ha ha! When I say characters, I mean basically mean one character in particular who is NOT listening to me. He is my favorite character to write and he’s not even supposed to be the main character…and now he’s showing up way too often…I’m not sure yet if that’s a problem? I mean, mostly because he’s not in the first book AT ALL. He just popped into my head for this story but now he’s kind of taking over. I like writing about him more than the main character, so that’s what I do…*gulps* I would love advice on this! (I can give more details if you want)

Oh goodness, that’s hilarious! I have one like that too XD He went from love interest to villain to important side character to a POV character and a love interest again. It’s been a wild ride, he’s probably my favorite character to write!

In my opinion, it’s not a problem at all! Your main character isn’t the only important character, side characters sometimes outgrow their roles, and often they’re some of the best and most fun characters ever!

And yes! I’d love to hear more about him! What’s his name, what’s he like?

Ooooh you’re writing a trilogy!?! What’s it about? Did you plan it that way from the beginning?

Well, no XD I originally started it as a standalone, then everything got out of hand and it became a trilogy. I feel like it usually happens that way XD

It’s a fantasy set in a north-African inspired setting! It’s about a princess who has to rescue her brother, the king, from an attacking enemy. It’s a more grounded fantasy, there isn’t a magic system or fantasy animals, so it’s just a different world.

It’s been immense fun to write, I’m on the third draft of book one now! I’m not planning to publish it, just learn everything I can from it.

 I do the same thing with side characters though. They will just pop in and I’m left sitting there like, where in the world did you come from? And then I forget about them and so I have to go back and wrap up their stories.

Yep, that’s what it’s like *Cries in why don’t my characters behave* XD

Ohhh, I love the premise of your story! It sounds like so much fun! What has been your favorite part of writing it?

Reading is definitely one of my main hobbies!! 😅 Okay. Okay. Besides that(and writing, of course!) I draw (mainly horses)and play around with embossing. And sometime in the future I want to learn to play the violin.

Ohh, that’s fabulous! I started out with drawing mainly horses, and I still return to it every so often!

What is HEMA, by the way? I’ve never heard of that before!

It stands for Historical European Martial Arts! It’s a pretty broad term, but in my case that specifically means I’m learning longsword and some unarmed and dagger techniques from approximately the 15th century! I could talk about it all day XD I got into it via writing and it’s so much fun!

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