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Blooming Grace


Wait…don’t tell me you live in Minnesota!

We used to, but we left. We actually travel full time in a rv now🙂

Nice! I’m already imagining the covers with those names on! It reminds me of a supposed trilogy I wrote (I wrote two books, and it’s nothing like a trilogy): Whispers of the Sea, A Song in the Wind, Murmurs of the Earth (Changed that one’s name, finally disposing of the facade of a trilogy, lol)

I ditched two different books before I actually started writing. One was going to be about fairies *cringes at young self* the other was going to be about a mermaid named Coral. I looked at the notes I had written on it the other day and… 🤦‍♀️ *dies* like, she was gonna fall in love with a scuba diver… Yes, I was doing The Little Mermaid for grammar. And, of course, the good version where the sea witch cut off the mermaid’s tongue🙂😂

I’d do almost anything for chocolate!

Yesssss! Chocolate! Last Christmas we did a “chocolate tour”. In other words, we ended up with a Ton of chocolate from different countries. I’d make myself write or do a school subject before I could eat a piece … sometimes😂

That sounds intriguing! I take it was a good ending, at least in one sense of the word?

Yes, it was good. It was the epilogue and it was about even when things are dark and difficult, God will light the way. I like how he worded it and it finished the book nicely🙂

…Okay. that posted weird, but I’m not going to fix it.

Yeah, it did. It looks cool though😂

A long-hidden tale may hold the answers-and the healing-they so desperately seek.
~Set the Stars Alight

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