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Emily Waldorf
Yeah, from Minnesota to California, then back.

Wait…don’t tell me you live in Minnesota! (you don’t have to tell me, lol)

For the trilogy so far I have Bonds: Purpose, Bonds: Quest, and Bonds: Hope. I’m not certain if they’ll change or stay.

Nice! I’m already imagining the covers with those names on! It reminds me of a supposed trilogy I wrote (I wrote two books, and it’s nothing like a trilogy): Whispers of the Sea, A Song in the Wind, Murmurs of the Earth (Changed that one’s name, finally disposing of the facade of a trilogy, lol)

I proved him wrong and am mildly concerned I freaked him out

Lol! You’re a writer. If you type into the Google search bar, “Why are writers”… it will come up with ten very strange and random things, but “weird” is one, and a very fitting one!

Unless there’s chocolate on the line XD

I’d do almost anything for chocolate!

haven’t figured out what exactly I love about the end yet, but I just do

  That sounds intriguing! I take it was a good ending, at least in one sense of the word?

Quoth the raven, "Nevermore!"

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