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@ethan-leonard nice!  I hear so many people talking bad about the sequel trilogy – not saying it’s perfect, but it’s honestly very refreshing to hear a positive perspective for once ngl

Ohhh I don’t do video games – whenever I hear people say “games,” they’re usually referring to video games, so I assumed that’s what you meant XD  I don’t do board/card games either though, but that’s because I’m just super introverted and like doing solitary activities XD

That’s so cool that you do art too!  I do some traditional art and sketching, but right now I’m mainly focusing on digital art.  What are your favorite mediums or art supplies?  Also, if you have any art related to your character in the castle, you should consider posting it!  I’d love to see him!  It’s also just fun when people post art along with their posts – it’s something I do, and it’s cool seeing visual representations of people’s characters

I haven’t tried out 3-D animation yet, but it looks really cool.  What program do you use?  I did a small 2-D animation and it kinda burned me out (actually where my pfp is taken from XD), but it was fun!

What are your favorite books?

*laughs as one fey*

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