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@ethan-leonard that is so cool!  Are you really into Star Wars?  I’ve only seen one and a half movies (shocking, I know XD), but I think the Mandalorian armor looks super cool.  What’s your favorite Star Wars movie?

I actually don’t play any games, mainly because I think I would really like story based video games and I haven’t found any of those that I really want to play, and also because I think they would compete with my other hobbies XD  However, I have considered the possibility of telling a spinoff of my current story in video game format…which isn’t feasible unless God works something out, but it would be a fun and creative option!

I really like art and…well, I would say I like writing, except I haven’t been writing consistently at all.  I do really enjoy it when I get around to it, though!

Do you have any other hobbies?

Also, what did you make the Mandalorian armor out of?

*laughs as one fey*

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