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E. N. Leonard


@e-n-Leonard Just took me a bit to get around to it 🤷‍♀️. You know what I like 😜 (how on earth do you do the respond thing?😅) Yes, I suppose I do🤔. You like Star Wars, sketching battle scenes, and— oh wait… I’m think of Ethan…🤪

Pshht! 😂 Get your facts straight, my lady!


Yes, we were homeschooled, and most certainly are sisters. Some people think we’re twins 😂, but we’re a good four years apart.


Do you have something you like especially about fantasy?

I don’t know if it’s the same for Chloe, but fantasy is my native habitat. It is just natural for me to write it since I’ve practically breathed unicorns and unknown lands and made up languages since I was a wee child, who worked so hard to make up the word “pegauony” I fell off my bicycle XD.

I’ll check out A Tale of Two Cities the next time I go to the library 🙂

We are called to be lights in the cosmos.
May your inkwells never run dry!

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