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Emily Waldorf


Hey Emily! Thanks for telling me about it! I subscribed, your blog looks really fun! 😀

Thanks! ha, I hope so!

I also royally messed up what the fourth president was… I put the sixth one instead 😭 Ah well, at least it was funny XD

No you were impressively close! If somebody asked me who the Prime Minister (even the current one) of the Netherlands was I would be like:”…??” Anyway, you hit right on it, just your actual guess was off by two (and there’s been 46, so two is small beans).


Thanks! I hope it’s not disappointing. :DD It should be out at about 4pm your time.


you answered the quiz questions, right? It’s the same picture on my blog as it is on here, so I’m pretty sure it’s you. Anyway, If I hadn’t already accepted the first (and at that time, the only) answer, you would have won! would you take a rain-check on the guest post? Also… “a pleasant silver-gray somewhere between moonlight on mist and silky waters of northern lakes in the early morning,”—GIRL! You must be a poet. 🙂

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