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You’re correct! I’ve been a bit hasty with my own assumptions XD and I apologize for that.

You really know the word, and that’s awesome! Like, very impressive! And yes, the truth doesn’t care about our feelings; but God does. God is the Truth, but He’s also love. He’s a good Daddy! If your kid thinks, say, rattlesnakes are safe (they’re not XD), are you gonna say: “No! They’re dangerous! You’re wrong! Leave them alone!” Now, even though you’re showing some love in warning them, you’re not actually making the situation much better. So you’d probably say: “Now, actually, rattlesnakes are dangerous. I love you, son, and I want to keep you safe. So let’s move away from that rattlesnake.” or something like that.

And yeah, that’s kinda cheesy, but the point is we ought to “speak the truth in love.” Even tho you say you care, I don’t get that vibe at all from your arguments. Sorry. xP

God is the truth, but He’s also love! He loves us so so so <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>SO</span> much and it’s insane and awesome and YOU REALLY CAN FEEL IT! God’s word is SO important but we can also experience God for ourselves. And no that doesn’t mean our feelings are more valid than His word, but God wants to have a relationship with us- and you can only go so far in a relationship by reading that person’s books and letters to you. God cares more about our hearts than “getting everything right.”

I don’t agree with everything Lona or you or Noah are saying, but I don’t think I “have all the answers” either! I know I don’t have all my interpretations of Scripture correct, and hey that’s fine! As I grow closer to God, He’ll show me more, and that’s awesome! But Knowing God is more important than knowing about Him.


When I said that men and women are equal, I meant “equal in value.” God values us all the same and I’m pretty sure we all agree on that. God also made men and women different- look different, have different general psyches, and different roles (I say “general” because nothing God makes fits into a perfect little box XD). What those roles are varies between individuals, bc God’s created us all with unique personalities and unique destinies! But yes, men and women have different general roles- of that I’m sure. I think we all agree there? xP


And I’m sorry, I’m not going to respond to your whole thing because #1. it’s REALLY long and I don’t really have the time xP, and #2. it’s fairly- sorry- irrelevant I think? xP You answered my post, yes- awesome! thank you! But then you go on and on talking about what you’ve already said and we already agree on so…. idk. Maybe (probably XD) I’m overreacting but that’s just what it seemed to me. *shrug*

And yeah, sorry that it’s been kinda like all of us ganging up on you XD. It’s just kinda hard to have a beneficial discussion when you come in with a thousand arguments and scriptures and a tone that (and I’m quite possibly wrong so please don’t take it wrong xP) seems to say: “my interpretation of Scripture IS right. Get over it, idiots.” And I know you don’t mean that way it’s just that it kinda seems like it. xP

So yeah, there’s my two cents. XD I really appreciate your passion for truth, tho, man! It is important! But God wants family, not intellectual adherents.

God bless you all! 🖖 Peace,✌ love, 🤟and Jesus Christ my King! 👆🙌 He loves y’all! ;D

Everyone has a choice; but how will we make the right ones?
(hint: God ;))

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