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*Slow breath*.

Let me get this straight. So far, you’ve:

1.       Assumed I’ve been traumatized by a man.

2.       Explained how my “trauma” has shaped my worldview.

3.       Told me how to handle my “trauma”.

4.       Accused me of secretly believing things that I explicitly said I did not.

5.       Diagnosed me with an “identity crisis”.

6.       Accused me of not being honest about my beliefs.

7.       Cited a blog post written by an anonymous user as an authoritative guide on biblical interpretation.

8.       Said that men received the greater consequence in the Fall when humanity is equally affected by sin.

9.       Declared women in leadership unbiblical when we have examples of women deacons in the Bible.

10.   Implied that I’m ready to do away with the Bible because some of its authors held sexist beliefs.

11.   Insinuated that I have not thoroughly researched my own beliefs.

12.   Said that political correctness, which is meant to make people feel more comfortable and accepted, is a “stupid idea brought into the public vernacular by a couple of sleazy, sex-crazed, carpet-baggers from Arkansas, who read hippie literature and philosophies akin to those of the pagan dictators my dad had gone to war to help kill.”

13.   Claimed that men are more quickly able to recognize evil than women because women are carried away by their “emotions”.

14.   Claimed that men are in war because they are more prepared to confront evil than women are.

15.   Played the post-modernism card.

16.   Took a shot at women pastors and their stance on abortion right after talking about war and how “there is a time to kill”.

17.   Shamed women who get abortions when I can guarantee you yourself have never had to go through a pregnancy. (Unless you are a transman. In that case, maybe you have, and I apologize for speaking to soon.)

18.    Gave me love advice on what my “ideal” man should be.

19.   And overall, completely ignored my 11 sentences on Ezer to give me a lecture on how I’ve been traumatized, don’t know my own beliefs, and am risking losing my “fear of God” by encouraging women to take positions of leadership.


Are you not hearing yourself?

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