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R.M. Archer

Now it’s eating my posts, too. *facepalm*

Idea pages are definitely fun!

Cool! I’ve been using babynames.com of late, but I’ve used a variety of naming sites; I don’t recall if that one’s on my list yet.

That’s a really tough question, since I enjoy all of this book’s characters so much. XD Alaric has come the most naturally in my outline. I understand how to execute his internal conflict more fully than some of the others, and it’s an interesting conflict in general. Plus he’s sweet and protective and I like him as a character in general. But my side character Artemis has been pretty compelling lately, with an interesting internal conflict of his own and an enjoyable balance in his personality between impulsive, teasing, lighthearted and more serious, protective (*cough* Sensing a theme here? XD), and cautious.

How about you? Do you have a favorite character in your WIP?

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