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Right! And every single time Ezer appears in the Bible (outside of Genesis) it is used to describe either YHWH himself (17x), Isreal’s allies (1x), or Isreal as an ally (1x).

God uses the same term that he gave to women (from the very start, in Eden) as a term for himself. If we are going to say women can be helpers/rescuers of men, but not spiritual leaders, why aren’t we applying the same logic to God? God is Ezer. Women are Ezer. In my opinion, there is more to this whole thing than just “God created woman for man and she is under him because that’s how things work best”.

Don’t get me wrong- I’m not saying that women are gods or that God is a woman. I am merely pointing out the fact that God created women as rescuers, and strong ones at that. Strong to the point of God using Ezer to describe himself. So, would having a “strong woman” be so unbiblical? Can we have “strong men” and “strong women”?

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