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Tenshi Chispa

Thank you for your thoughts.

There are tons of people in the Bible who did creative works & projects God requested of His people that we can learn from (thank you for bringing this up, it is a good point to ponder).
Are there examples that go along with this discussion, you think?

A painter once said of his impression on the stars: “Well, not bad, but there are decidedly too many of them, and they are not very well arranged. I would have done better.” As you said, idolatry is ultimately self-worship & pride. But, if we, limited individuals, had made & arranged the stars, would sailors & travelers be able to navigate? Would we tell seasons as they change? Would they transcend generations & cultures?

Not only is knowing what our theme essential, but for who is also. It will better help us remember why & let God lead us to them.

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