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R.M. Archer

That’s frustrating! I’ve known the forum to eat posts with links in them, but it’s extra annoying when there’s not even an apparent rhyme or reason to the post-eating. 😛

They are, which I appreciate. ;P It’s shifting the schedule on a spoilery Q&A I was going to do, too, but that’s actually going to be a good thing I think since it was originally scheduled for a weekend that I’d now really like to go out of town for, lol. So adjusting the Q&A date to give readers more time after the paperback delay is something of a win-win, despite the overall frustration of things not going according to plan/15 readers not getting their books until weeks after the release. 😛

Will do. 🙂 Yeah, I’ve been counting all of my pre-writing: character sheets, my outline, that summary… I think the disjointed scene I wrote was prior to the 100-for-100, but it would have been counted too. I’m trying to give myself freedom to count whatever I do so I reward any effort to get back into actual writing. XD

Ooh, nice! The first week is the only week I haven’t taken a grace day, lol. I’ve needed to take it slower than I might like. But progress is progress! The story is getting outlined, slow though the process may be. I hope your writing goes well today!

Nice! My project has about six main characters and four POVs (one of which I’m waffling on keeping), so you’re not alone in big casts and multiple POVs. XD It can be fun, especially for a first draft!

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