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OK!!  This time I know I had responded! It just didn’t send?

From now on I’ll watch this post like a bluebird watches her neighbors’ nest! No mistakes!

*deep breath* ….Anyways.

I’ve heard of a lot of people who are having trouble with amazon shipping right now. People are usually pretty understanding about these things.

Hey, if you need help brainstorming help just let me know.

I’m pretty sure that any writing relating to your story goes, so a summary totally counts.

I’ve been babysitting for the past two days so my writing has been pretty sub-par. Hoping to writing something a little higher quality today. So far I’ve only taken one grace day because I was cooking literally all day.

I’ve decided to add another character for pov sake and now I have a main cast of seven, but only three have a pov. I know I should probably combine some character roles but this is the “dumb draft” so for now I’m rolling with it.


Just remember to... Trust in God, Stay Safe, and Eat Doughnuts 🍩🍩

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