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R.M. Archer


No worries. I’ve done that before. XD

It’s gone pretty well so far! The paperback delay was frustrating (I still don’t have my copies; Amazon is taking forever), but no one has seemed too upset about it or anything. XD And it gave me an excuse to do more with the shop on my site, which is a long-term plus. The book seems to be blessing the readers it’s reached, which is the main thing. 🙂

I’m doing all right! I used up my grace week in week two, but I’ve managed to keep up since so I’m still in the running. I do feel like I’m losing some steam on my outline, but I can usually find at least one character interesting enough to work on developing each day. Yesterday I wrote up a summary for the story to go in my newsletter, so I counted that since it’s more pre-writing, lol.

How’s it going with you?

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