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Jess R. Plowman

So! Do you have a current WIP (Work in Progress)? What’s the storyline?

Anyways, what’s your current WIP about? Do you have a favorite genre or author?”

I’d love to hear all about your project, or any ideas if you don’t have a project yet! Do you have any hobbies and interests besides writing? What are your favorite books?

Right now I’m writing science fiction, about a disaster on a tiny, remote research planet. It leans toward a lot of Western tropes as well. I talk about it more here, and in my profile. I know most people don’t like to work this way, but I cannot work on a story without having a clear theme pictured first. This one is along the lines of “how should one live in doomed times” or slightly more specifically “how should a young person live in times without guidance?”

As for hobbies, I travel when I can and enjoy occasional diy projects – woodwork, gardening, knitting, sewing. As for reading, the  genre of my youth was fantasy, but lately I have been trying almost everything and I like it all – mystery, westerns, literary, contemporary, fantasy, and sci fi. Cormac McCarthy’s All the Pretty Horses has been my favorite find of the last few years.

Thanks for the interest guys! I can’t wait to hear more about all your ideas as well!

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