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Hi Jessie! I’m Rose, I’m so glad you’re here!!

I have a terrible, life-long track record of not finishing things. That is my biggest goal for joining a like-minded writing community: just get through a first draft and complete the major edits.

Then you’re at the right place! Story Embers is full of fabulous folks so there are plenty of people to encourage, remind, advise, and affectionately threaten your way through a novel XD

Having a community like this has helped me incredibly, I never would have gotten as far as I am now if it wasn’t for that!

You can absolutely do it, and it’ll be fantastic!

I’d love to talk about my strengths and weaknesses as a writer, but honestly that all seems like posing when I have to successfully complete any manuscript.

Oh, it’s not! There’s an immense range of writers, from “I’ve been working on one project for more than a decade” to “I have an interest in writing but I haven’t started yet”, “I’ve trad/self-published or am working on it” and “I’ve started dozens of projects and finished none of them” (That one is actually really common, so don’t worry about it in the least!)

I’d love to hear all about your project, or any ideas if you don’t have a project yet!

Do you have any hobbies and interests besides writing? What are your favorite books?

Lovely to meet you!

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