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K. A. Grey


And @k-a-grey, she’s pointing out all the points that I’d’ve wanted to point out if she didn’t do it so well already. So I’m nOt sTatInG mY oPinIon but I completely agree there. Thanks girl! *highfives*

*highfives back* Yes, thank you! You covered a lot of things that my poor brain wasn’t able to put into words. Like, I literally had to copy and paste most of the conversation into a google doc so I could highlight and comment just so I could form some basis to put my thoughts together and it was still confusing 😂 😂

Alright, HERE’S a key phrase; subordination vs equality, are they necessarily incompatible opposites? Does obedience make you inferior to the one you obey even when you freely choose to obey them? What I mean is…does being freely subordinate to someone in any way take from your dignity as a human being? This is very status-oriented, and is status really important to equality?

Exactly! Paul says to “submit yourselves one to another” anyway, so reverence for the other person goes both ways, irrespective of gender.


That being said, I kinda understand where you’re coming from with the “traditional roles” being used to support misogyny and abuse, but that doesn’t mean that the scriptural roles of man and wife are demeaning to a woman in any way.  In fact, I believe it is just the opposite. In a genuinely Scriptural, Christian marriage, those roles are meant to help each other and honor one another, not to raise one up, and push the other down. A spouse should never, never abuse the other, regardless of gender, and those who misuse and twist the Scriptures to say that they can are definitely wrong.  But I think that to do away with gender roles all together because they are sometimes used to condone abuse is the proverbial “throwing out the baby with the bathwater.”

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  • This reply was modified 1 year, 10 months ago by K. A. Grey.

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