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Hello! Thanks for joining the discussion!

Also, gotta admit, when you went into the whole “skeletal design of a woman accommodates carrying a child in their womb, etc., etc.” thing, it felt kinda condescending. True for the most part, but unnecessary and condescending.  Which Lona also expresses, though somewhat snarkily😉

I thought the snarkiness was allowed given the condescension. I’ll try to be nicer next time. 🙂

 Although it does seem (correct me if I’m wrong) that Lona may have taken offence that you seem to imply that women are less spiritually discerning and more gullible than men?

Correct. I was offended by his using the fact that gullible women exist as a basis for why women can’t be heads of house. By that logic, I could say, “men can’t be politicians because greedy men exist.” This is just bad logic.

Sorry, but Lona clearly stated that this wasn’t an issue she had, so I don’t see why this is necessary? In fact, it sounds really close to sounding like a personal attack.  I’m sure you’re not trying to be vehement, just standing up for your beliefs, which is great! But the fact is, that you did sound harsh at times.

Again, thank you! Your input is much appreciated.

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