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Brian Stansell

Lona (@lonathecat)

I think you are still misunderstanding the word strength.  A man can be disabled, yet still defend his household.  Some retired military men who may be disabled by their military service still know how to secure and protect a perimeter.  Singel moms do a good job, but they are still inadequate in teaching a young boy everything he needs to know about manhood, despite what you think.  The young boy knows this instinctively and he will more often than not seek to find a male role model in his life.  More prisons are populated with men who never had a good male role model in their lives, so if you believe statistically that men are dispensable in a boy’s life you need to do a little more research.

A single father can do his best, but he will never be able to fully tell his daughter everything she needs to know to develop as a woman.  She too needs a positive role model in her life who shares her gender.

Strength comes in many forms.  God makes men and women spiritually equal but not equal in roles or in function.  If God made men and women the same it would be such a shame and I don’t think you really believe that nonsense as much as you may claim to.  Part of the attraction between the sexes is the delightful difference between the two genders.  Not just in physical form, but in mindsets and sensitivity.

Simply put, not every household has a “strong man”. Some households have men who are ill or disabled. Some households have single mothers. But, I believe the ill and disabled men still love their families just as much as any other man. I believe the single mothers still love their children just as much as any other mother. To say that ill and disabled men (who may have  gotten sick or injured through no fault of their own) have failed as the protectors of the family is extremely insensitive. Even more insensitive is implying that single women are incapable of raising children.  I have a male friend who was raised by a single mother. He is intelligent, kind, respectful, and passionate about the Lord. His single mother (who is neither an imbecile nor a fool) raised him better than many young men who were raised by both a man and woman.

Single parents are incapable of doing the full role of both parents without help.  Yes, God created humankind to need both parents.

There are silly women.  Get over it.  There are stupid men.  You might as well get over that too.  I will not pander or soft-sell the scripture just to tip-toe over sensitivities that may be more modern-cultural acquired than arise from sincere humble study of the Word.

God did not create men and women equal.
He created them different.  If you don’t know this then perhaps you needed the anatomy lesson.

Right, thank you for explaining my womanhood and anatomy. That was needed.

May God spare us from “men” who are equal to a woman.  They are worthless men.  Nor do I want to meet a woman who believes she is a male equivalent.  (Some women would not appreciate that comparison at all.  They would find it belittling.)

Masculinity, as well as femininity, were created by God and if you have a problem with either, you need to take it up with The Designer, because your real problem is with Him.

Guys want to be tough.  It is only women who try to shame them for it.

Someone had to speak directly.
I am not responsible for how you “feel” about my words.  Feelings are fickle and transitory.  They will pass.  What you choose to feel right now is your choice too.

His single mother (who is neither an imbecile nor a fool) raised him better than many young men who were raised by both a man and woman.

If she raised him without seeking a positive male influence to be in his, time will prove out what I’ve said.  I make no apologies for it.  You cannot assert you own feelings for truth.  Every young boy and girl needs the positive influence of both genders in their lives.  That is God’s ideal design because there are lessons only those roles can impart to a child for their full and balanced development.

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