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Noah Cochran


Brian, while I understand your point, Lona ( @lonathecat )is correct. Those verses have nothing to do with men protecting households. I didn’t comment on it before because I agree with your point–I just don’t think those verse apply. There are many other verses in the bible that are much more suitable. Lona’s interpretation of the verses summed up the main points of the verse pretty well.


To begin with, as I said above, I do essentially agree with the way you interpreted that verse.

This is probably because we have different viewpoints on women’s subordination to men. I for one, see men and women created as equals and believe they should be treated as such. Accordingly, I have issues with the majority of what you said.  I could back my belief with biblical references, but instead I am going to move on so I can respond to your main point about a “strong man” being needed in a family.

I highly agree with you that women and men are equal (and I think Brian does too, actually). Here’s the thing: just because two things are equal, doesn’t mean they have the same roles. Take the trinity. God and Jesus are the same being and of equal worth, but they have different roles. God’s role is the father and head. This also applies to a man and his wife. The man is the head of the family (I can give numerous verse for this if you would like) and the woman is his help meet. Proverbs 31 and Titus 2 do an excellent job explicitly describing her roles and duties. Men are to provide and protect the home. And let me state again, women are equal to men, never let it be said otherwise. It bothers me beyond words how people in the world equate different roles with different values.

To comment on the ‘strong man’ deal, I think I concur. As Cathy and I discussed, the definition of a Godly man is not a big, strong, gun bearing fellow. It is a humble, meek, self-sacrificing man who provides for his family.

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