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XD yes i love it when that happens. That makes sense. I mostly use a rough three-act structure. Actually, I usually pants (with maybe a rough outline), but now I’m learning that it’s important for me to know the background info ahead of time. Bc otherwise it’s hard for everything to really make sense. 😂 But I still love pantsing.

That’s cool! I use fifteen-beats structure, it works well for me, but I’m very much a plotter. I tend to start with a rough outline, break that down into chapters, and then before each chapter I write out everything like a script before actually drafting it. It’s a lot of extra work but it makes my drafting time a lot less, so it works out!

Oh, cool! I once read a Venus-set book written in like the 50s or something. It was fun but pretty cheezy- they tacked “space” in front of everything just like the Jetsons. XD it was kind of ridiculous XD

LOL, that’s hilarious XD Sometimes objectively bad books are just fun to read.

XD He- well, he actually was almost no fun at all for a while bc he’s not only a jerk but he talks so little! He just glares and is always thinking of escapes. This next go-round I’m hoping I’ll be able to make him a bit more fun. XD

That’s hilarious XD I have characters like that, they’re frustrating because you have to drag personality out of them XD

If you want to try out some things with him in development, here on SE there are threads called the Character Castles! They’re essentially roleplays you use to develop your characters. They’ve helped me immensely since you can’t control everything that happens and you can try out different things without having to write it for a long time. I’m in Castle 2.0, which has been stagnant for a while but will probably revive again soon!

Oh, cool! For some reason it seems like that character’s name starts with an “L”. I have no idea why I think that. 😂

Nope, his name is Aydin XD He’s one of my favorite characters I’ve ever written. Also the most traumatized but let’s ignore that (I say as though I had nothing to do with it)

Oooh, yeah. Ouch. XD You can always see the green in our movies, but for some weird reason I don’t notice it much. Maybe that’s bc it’s just unprofessional and I expect it to look like that, or maybe it’s just bias. XD

Yeah, but it’s also different when you’re filming something yourself versus when you’re actually paying to watch a movie made by professionals XD

You’re welcome! Yeah, they really are! I love also creating symbols and things- actually every single chapter of my novel is supposed to be based around a symbol…. hmm.. XD

That’s a really interesting idea! I’ve never tried that out!

Oh, wow! Yeah, I haven’t read any of the classical authors. So you’ve got a big leg up on me there! XD

They were unfortunately part of the curriculum XD I still consider it something of a miracle that I passed the exam XD

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