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Are the contests about quality of writing or word count? I haven’t joined any official ones. Are there any that you would recommend?

Quality of writing, though they do (some of them) I think have wordcount limits. But it’s not like NaNoWriMo or anything.

Recommend? Um, the Kingdom Writers Guild has a flash fiction contest every season (the spring one’s over but the summer one should be comin’ up in like August or something? idk), and that’s been fun!

I’m trying to try the Story Embers contest, which looks like it could be cool- if I finish in time and am $20 entrance fee-proud of my work. XD

If you complete the OYAN course, you can always enter their contest for free, which is cool (they post all entries on one of their pages[unless you don’t want them to] so anybody can read your stuff even if you didn’t place, which is nice).

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