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R.M. Archer

Ooh, neat! That reminds me a little of the way kryptonite works in the old Smallville show. Throwing in that bit of political/social intrigue is really cool! I love how you’ve integrated those elements with one another. 🙂

Interesting! I haven’t read Elantris yet, but having read the first two Mistborn novels I’m definitely interested in reading more of Sanderson’s work. (Starting with the third Mistborn novel, ideally, but my library is sadly lacking that particular installment. :P)

I guess it’s sort of a skeleton draft. For now I’m just jotting down whatever pieces come to mind and saving them to fit together later, not doing too much work to fight things into place or brainstorm big solutions. After that, the plan is to outline chapter-by-chapter with descriptions of what basically needs to happen in each scene and all the motivations and details I want to remember when I write. I tend to be pretty specific and yet loose with my outlines at the same time. XD

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