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So do you have some of that real nice filming equipment like overhead sound systems and big cameras that move?

XD I meant make YA movies when I grow up– we just bought a 700-? dollar camera which is small but really nice. Haven’t used it for filming yet. Thus far we’ve used a tiny little camcorder with sadly very bad audio. But it could’ve been worse. XD

Right below the youtube video on the right side there is a rectangular, red button that says ‘subscribe.’ Hit that and it should work. 🙂 Have you ever done any writing contests?

Ah, yep!

Entered any writing contests? Yep- uh 4? Didn’t place in any of ’em. XD And I think I can tell why on all of them. (tho technically one contest hasn’t had the results in yet so I’m still hopin’ xD)


Everyone has a choice; but how will we make the right ones?
(hint: God ;))

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