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Noah Cochran


maybe what we really debate is exactly how a person is allowed to EXPRESS their masculinity/femininity.

What exactly do you mean by this? (just curious). I would just like to say, once again, though, that the way men or women act or what they like to play, or watch, or write, or read, or what work or hobbies they have, really has little to do with what defines men and women–and by little, I mean practically none. If you are interested or like all things that are typically associated with men, then great, that makes you no less womanly. Now, having said that, I should mention that certain behavior of men may not be appropriate for women, but those things would be very specific and related to the roles of men and women according to the bible.

One other thing in regard to this: “effeminate” does not mean a man who doesn’t like guns and blunt talk, and instead likes the color pink, curling up on the couch, and doing something aristy. Those things are not what define men. Effiminate, according to the bible, is directly referecing homosexuality/sodomy, nothing more, nothing less. You also wondered if the bible referenced the opposite of effiminate–essentially, what people now call lesbians. Yes it does, in two ways: one, it obviously states that two members of the same sex are not to join in marriage (marriage is defined by a male and a female joining together in one body), and two, the Proverbs 31 and Titus 2 woman’s qualities are shown. Thus, if someone is nothing like that, then they are not acting with a proper degree of womanality–and again, that has nothing to do with their hobbies or social behavior.

On this topic I’d like to note 2 big things.

Good points (on the door opening thing particularly). I should have clarified that I do think that men doing gentemanly things like opening doors and giving up seats is to be commended, and does exmplefiy the chivarous trait of protecting and sheltering women.

If I’m in a group of guys and there’s a limited number of seats I’m gonna deck anybody who tries to beat me to the seat coz I’ll be bullied coz I’m the female in a pack of males and I’d need to assert dominance to accepted into the pack.

So, I hope you’re speaking of a school/college enviroment, because if the young men who you hang out with act in such a way that you feel the need to assert dominance or else be bullied, I would strongly suggest you disassociate yourself with those men. Sorry if that comes off blunt, but if the guys consider themselves a ‘pack’ and treat you like a very easily bullied weak girl, then they are the antithesis of good company. Needing to asserting dominance is almost never a good thing unless in very specific, probably dangerous or dire situations.

     That one way-older-than-me dude from church who was interested in me when I was thirteen would’ve absolutely used the gentleman role to his advantage in that situation to push me into a seated position which would put me at a huge fighting disadvantage and a psychological sense of subservience.

Again, if the men around you make you feel like that, or put you positions that make you feel as if you need to dominate them, I would be avoiding them completley.

I LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonderful! Such a joyous feeling, being alive. 🙂

So you’re in full fledged college? Campus, dorms, etc? What degree are you going for?

And I’m also working on my rap voice, my sister says I’m better at rapping than doing the glassy-pretty style I’m after simply because I struggle with it!

Nice. I have a love-hate relationship with rap. I have a high level of admiraiton for those who can perform it, but it is also arguabley my most disliked version of music. Having said that, if you came up to me and rapped an introduction, that would be absolutely amazing.

But how have you been fairing? And don’t you dare say something blasé like “college is easy once you get used to it”!

Well, let’s see here. My antipathy for college economics is growing by the second, I recently sold a few lambs, and accidently gave someone a ram instead of a ewe and that needs fixing, youtube keeps toying with me in a most draconian manner, and I just recovered from a rather annoying sickness.

So fantastic. 🙂

But life has been pretty good. I’m looking forward to summer travels, and my projects are coming along fair enough.

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