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Noah Cochran


But I can see that Deus vult means “God wills it”- probably used to mean Lord Willing

Yes to the first, but we use the phrase ‘lord willing’ to me ‘we hope and pray.’ Deus Vult/God Wills It was used by people to say ‘this is God’s will for us, and we must do it.’ For instance, in 1095, Pope Urban preached the first ever crusading speech, and there were thundering cries of Deus Vult, meaning God willed for the people to go on the crusade–however delusional that sentiment may have been.

Whether we can actually make anything yet or not is up for debate

You’ll get there, my man, we need more people with such desires. Ever heard of the Daily Wire? It’s a business that, though I do not agree with all their teachings and behavior, is trying to make films and children’s series free of the junk Hollywood promulgates.

Oh, fun! I checked it out a bit and the narration is awesome! XD Me and my brothers haven’t put any of our videos on YouTube yet, but hopefully soon!

I appreciate! Let me know when you put your videos on youtube, I’ll be sure to subscribe. 🙂

Oh, cool! Black steel? never heard of it but it sounds interesting!

xD It’s just steel, I meant it was lacqured or flame-kissed to make it black.

But the biggest place I learned story craft was from the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum- super fun and super helpful!

I’ll have to check that out sometime.

Parakeets? Wow. Are they inside?

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