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Yep, I know several other ‘Noahs.’ I believe it’s second most common boy name in the US (after Liam)

Oh, nice! I did not know that!

Wow, you know your stuff man. 🙂 What got you into the history and developments of language? I love history (medieval particularly) and that has fed a great interest in language developments as well, I just can’t find the time to explore it as much as I would like.

XD Nah, I’m just a total nerd, that’s all. Umm, I think just looking around in the dictionary and tracking the development of words and stuff.  Yeah, medieval is the best!

I know a few phrases in Latin that I learned through studying history, but the most prominent one, is, of course, Deus Vult. Latin sounds so esoteric and epic at the same time–especially phrases relating to God like that one.

Oh, cool! I don’t really know any Latin phrases, actually. But I can see that Deus vult means “God wills it”- probably used to mean “Lord willing”? Yeah, it does sound pretty cool!

That’s a most admirable and wonderful idea. So you plan on creating courses and platforms to teach and film together? Or would you like to produce your own films as well? Oh, and my guess as to the name of your organization would be along the lines of kingdoms being set on fire. 🙃

So actually both! I really want to make quality films that are unapologetic about God and that turn back the darkness, but I also want to train people to do that too, bc I don’t know if there are really any Christian film schools.

Yeah, it’s KingdomFire Cinema lol. I actually made a (tiny and not really active yet) Discord server for it, and me and my buddy and one of his friends are hoping to just talk about film ideas and stuff on it. Whether we can actually make anything yet or not is up for debate. lol

It’s called How History Could Have Happened (HHCHH). The first half of each video (of which I only have one produced at this point in time) teaches a historical event or set of events in a hopefully entertaining way, and the second half examines different ways that event could have happened. And by ‘examined,’ I mean go crazy with weird alternate histories. xD The channel will mostly be covering medieval history at this point in time, but I would like to extend my reach to Renaissance, American, and Classical histories as well.

Oh, fun! I checked it out a bit and the narration is awesome! XD Me and my brothers haven’t put any of our videos on YouTube yet, but hopefully soon! xD

Medieval set historical fiction. It opens with a Norman serf whose home is destroyed by raiders seeking a cube wrought with black steel. This serf attains the cube, and seeks to find the master of these raiders and punish them. More to it than that, but that’ll do. 🙂

Oh, cool! Black steel? never heard of it but it sounds interesting!

Nice. See, my problem is that the genre I’m writing on and the plot and cast of characters I’ve developed demand long books. The first book in my series culminated at around 190k words, and book two, which I’m working on now and was supposed to be the same length, is growing longer and longer. xD I can’t wait to start my YA trilogy and write some shorter books. Where did you learn fictional writing skills? Have you taken any official classes, or did you just learn things through the internet and books? I’m always curious where people find their info. I mostly used the internet, plus a few books on storycraft and characters.

Whoah, yeah- that is long! xD Idk if I could write something that long, so that’s really impressive!

Um, I first gained some skills/style from reading C.S. Lewis and copying his narrative voice (and later Tolkien). But the biggest place I learned story craft was from the One Year Adventure Novel curriculum- super fun and super helpful! Then after that mostly reading things from Young Writers Workshop and Story Embers. So yeah, a bit of both.

Yeah, I know what you mean. In my less…convivial mindsets my extrovertness wains. Y’all own any animals?

lol makes sense. Yeah, actually! We own a dog, two ducks, and like 25 chickens. And two parakeets. XD

Everyone has a choice; but how will we make the right ones?
(hint: God ;))

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