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Yeah, it’s sort of an issue when the author is bored with their own novel. XD

I get bored with my own novels approximately once a day, but my characters are always there to drag me back to it XD They’re rather unreasonable. Often it’s great when you realize you need a plot overhaul in the middle, it’s very satisfying when it comes together after that!

I have a pitiful little synopsis on my profile, but basically, it’s about an Irish guy who joins a trip to Jupiter in 1919. The trip is actually intended to have him handed over to evil aliens, and Tadgh (the mc) has to escape and end up saving earth and stuff. The theme is about trusting in God. (Tadgh is like an extreme existentialist for most of the story so it takes a while 😂)

Ohhh, a kinda alternate history sci-fi? That sounds awesome! Tadgh sounds like an interesting character, could you tell me more about him?

Favorite movies? Definitely Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, and Case for Christ. The acting and screenwriting is sooo good in all of those movies!

I haven’t watched enough movies to get a feel for the different genres lol, so I think I’d say contemporary? Idk XD

Awesome! I’ve heard lots of good things about those! I have a habit of overanalyzing every movie I watch, which is fun to me and very irritating to everyone listening to me critique it mid-scene XD

For books, fantasy and sci-fi are probably my favorite. I haven’t read a ton of them, but so many his-fic books are just too bogged down with details for me to get into them (that may or may not be because I’ve mostly just read older his-fic books. xPxD).

Oh, same! I love fantasy and sci-fi, what are your favorites of those?

LOL, Historical fiction does have that issue pretty often, especially when it’s centered around a war XD I do have a handful of favorites that do it very nicely.

Ooh, fun! That’s impressive! What’s the trilogy about?

Ah yes, the hardest question to answer XD I shall give you three versions. Worst explanation possible, plot explanation, and character/theme explanation, since I can’t think of another way XD

The bad explanation is that the book opens with a bunch of people crashing a party and everyone is furious about it for three books afterward.

The plot explanation is that it’s about a country with seven tribes. One of those tribes attacks another as a retaliation for a war about ten years ago and captures the king.

My main character, Liorah, is the king’s younger sister, who is less than thrilled with the whole development and instantly sets out to fix the problem and get her brother back. Liorah is… Quite a character. She’s a loathsome pest of a character, I love her with my whole heart.

The main theme of the series could best be summarized as family trauma, it shows up in most of my main characters. It’s been interesting to write since there are so many different angles on it.

It has a lot more themes. Doing good in face of opposition, where is the line between revenge and justice, sins of the fathers, what’s the line between selflessness and self-martyrdom, to what degree are people responsible for what they did in bad circumstances, and so on. Every time I write I seem to find another theme XD

Awesome! I’m not very good with art, though I used to do it when I was younger. What’s HEMA? (forgive my ignorance XD)

HEMA stands for Historical European Martial Arts. Essentially, medieval/renaissance martial arts. I’ve mainly done longsword, though I’ve done a bit of unarmed combat, daggers, and dussack (One sided one-handed sword, like a saber) I got into it via writing, and it’s been awesome, I love it.

Hobbies besides writing? Filmmaking for sure, and… ah! acting! Haven’t had a ton of practice, tho so I’m not the best. XD

Oh, that’s awesome! That sounds like fun!

Uhhh, just like a few phrases. I know Latin decently (as in, I know the grammar but have a pitiful vocabulary). I’d love to learn Hebrew, but idk when I’d have the time.

I studied Latin too! Have you done much translating? Which writers have you read?

I only know a handful of Hebrew from Bible study, and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to learn it soon, I simply do not have the determination XD

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