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Hey Noah, I’ve just gotta say, that’s one fine name you’ve got there. You’re parents have excellent taste. Anyways, I’m Noah, nice to meet ya. 🙃

XD indeed they do! Nice to meet another Noah! when I was younger, there was another Noah at our co-op group thing, and whenever we’d pass each other on our way to class, we’d always go: “Hi, Noah!” “Hi, Noah!” it was so fun. 😂

I’ve ran into the same predicament for years. My friends and family have tried to think of a suitable shortened version of my name, and came up with repugnant things like ‘No-e.’

Ah, yes. Interestingly, Noe is just “Noah” in Greek. I’ve once told my parents the interesting tidbit that Noah is the Anglicized version of the Hebrew name NoachNoah in Hebrew is actually a girls’ name, tho bc of language transliteration, uh, i’m rambling. XD

Do you speak Irish? Or what languages do you know or are you learning? I am learning French, but it’ll be probably 8 years by the time I can truly speak it. My life is too busy to dedicate a ton of time to it.

Uhhh, just like a few phrases. I know Latin decently (as in, I know the grammar but have a pitiful vocabulary). I’d love to learn Hebrew, but idk when I’d have the time.

What specific aspect of the film industry are you into? How are you planning on applying your skils? I am very interested in film as well, and have and will continue to research and learn about cameras, lighting, sound, and angles until I get it right. I am currently working a lot in Adobe After Effects and Illustrator to create animated history content for a youtube channel. You ever done any animation or online art type things?

Directing and screenwriting, mostly. Also acting, but directing is the main one. Well, my brothers and I (and our co-op; and I’m hoping soon our church) make amateur films, which is good practice. I’d someday hope to join a Christian film group to learn more about how it’s done, and then eventually maybe start my own company (bet you can’t guess it’s name). I’d like to help do to the film industry what Story Embers is doing to the writing industry.

Oh, cool! What’s your channel about exactly? I don’t have enough patience for animation. 😂

How long have you been writing? I wrote my first fictional prose last July, so it’s nearly been a year for me. But as short as that is, I already have three series bouncing around in my head (one of which I am writing) that I have outlined to some extent, and a fourth that is slowly emerging out of the darkness like the monolithic beast it will probably be. What length in words are you going for with your first novel?

Uhhh, let’s see. I’m 17 so maybe for about 8 years? I first started writing around 9 or 10, when I tried to write a rip-off of Narnia that would soon become world famous. *snorts* I never finished it but I got close! XD I really thought of myself as an author when I turned twelve, but it wasn’t until I did OYAN that I ever made it past a second chapter. XD

Wow, that’s impressive! What’s the series about???

Um, my first novel was like *checks* about 75,000 words? For my second one, I have no idea. It’s looking like it’s gonna be 18 chapters, but idk what it’ll be in words. Hopefully enough. XD

Gregarious defines me in a word. 🙂 You live in town or in the country? Do you sing or listen to any Irish folk music? I’ve listened to quite a bit. Irish know how to make good folk songs.

*has to look up definition of “gregarious”* Ah, yep. I really don’t know whether or not i’m introverted or extroverted- it really depends on the occasion, I guess! 😂 But I’m pretty outgoing online.

We live in a little town with a population of under 2,000. So- country?

I- don’t, sadly. I also don’t sing, except in a high falsetto. if i don’t sing high I can’t hit notes lol. But yeah, of what I have listened to, yes, Irish music totally rocks.

God bless you, man!

Everyone has a choice; but how will we make the right ones?
(hint: God ;))

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