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Greetings, Noah! I’m Rose!

Oh, goodness, I’ve definitely been there XD What is your WIP about? What genres do you like best?

Hi, Rose! XD yeah, it’s sort of an issue when the author is bored with their own novel. XD I have a pitiful little synopsis on my profile, but basically it’s about an Irish guy who joins a trip to Jupiter in 1919. The trip is actually intended to have him handed over to evil aliens, and Tadgh (the mc) has to escape and end up saving earth and stuff. The theme is about trusting in God. (Tadgh is like an extreme existentialist for most of the story so it takes a while 😂)

That sounds awesome! What are your favorite movies? Do you have any genres you really like? Same with books for that matter! I’ve been writing for two years, and in that time I’ve almost drafted a trilogy. (I’m like three chapters from finishing the third book.) After that, endless revisions await! (Good thing I actually enjoy revising XD) I mainly write fantasy, but I have several other genres of ideas cluttering around and slowly getting structure. Besides writing, I draw and paint, I have a fascination with history of all kinds, and I do HEMA! Do you have any hobbies besides writing? Nice to meet you!

Favorite movies? Definitely Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, and Case for Christ. The acting and screenwriting is sooo good in all of those movies!

I haven’t watched enough movies to get a feel for the different genres lol, so I think I’d say contemporary? Idk XD For books, fantasy and sci-fi are probably my favorite. I haven’t read a ton of them, but so many his-fic books are just too bogged down with details for me to get into them (that may or may not be because I’ve mostly just read older his-fic books. xPxD).

Ooh, fun! That’s impressive! What’s the trilogy about?

Awesome! I’m not very good with art, though I used to do it when I was younger. What’s HEMA? (forgive my ignorance XD)

Hobbies besides writing? Filmmaking for sure, and… ah! acting! Haven’t had a ton of practice, tho so I’m not the best. XD

Nice meeting you, too!

Everyone has a choice; but how will we make the right ones?
(hint: God ;))

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