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Noah Cochran


Some girls are rough and tumble, and may work every bit as hard in manual labor in dirt and grime as any man, but that does not diminish their femininity.

Excellent point, I meant to mention that.


 It wasn’t until the past couple of years that God started to heal those wounds and show me that the things I saw were not good representations of Biblical masculinity.

Amen to everything you said there! Guns, sports, strength, physical protection, patriotism, they are all glorified in a quite repugnant way. While physical protection of one’s wife and family is important and ordered by the bible, men seem to think the phrase ‘lay down one’s life’ only refers to taking the bullet, and then proceed to ignore what its much more relevant meaning is: meekness and sacrificing one’s wishes for others, humbleness. I just recently heard a fantastic sermon on what a biblical man is, and it runs along the lines of what you said. So once again, amen!

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