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I’ll be using Blender, but I won’t do animations, just still renderings. My brother uses it to make little sci-fi shows.

Ohh, that’s awesome! If you want to try something that works a bit more like traditional art, I really recommend Krita! It’s free and works amazing! I’ve been using it for years, it’s my hands-down favorite program, it has a similar layout to Photoshop, but made specifically for artists.

By the way, watercolor pencils are great if you want to have a bit more control like you said earlier. I like to use them on small portraits of characters so that I can be more precise. Have you ever used watercolor pencils before?

That’s great advice! I have once or twice, but it’s been years since I’ve tried them! It would be interesting to try it again sometime soon!

😂 yes. I actually just finished that WIP yesterday, which is super exciting! I bounced around with nervous energy for probably three hours before I actually sent it to my first reader 😂.

WOWWW CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That’s a huge accomplishment!! You should be so proud of yourself, finishing a draft is so hard!

I remember the first time I finished a draft, I just got up from my chair and bounced around squealing for a few minutes, it was an incredible feeling 😀

Also, how does the “quote” function work? I seem to be messing it up a lot.

You select the text from the other person you want to quote, and then click the quote button! It should show up, but you usually have to press enter if you want your text properly separated!

It’s a bit fiddly, you can also use the other quote function! (In the toolbar, the third button from the left) You copy and paste the other person’s text and then use that to quote it, I find it a lot easier to work with! (The quoted text should be indented if you use it that way)

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