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did that help at all, or shall I try again?

It was very helpful! Your suggestions have sparked new ideas. If you don’t mind, could you review this new idea and see if it makes sense and is realistic?

My idea goes something like this:

The girl’s (I’ll call her Lyra for now) act of running away is the first crack in the world’s innocence because those who don’t know the full story begin to wonder what reasons she had for running away. Her family and others who are trying to find Lyra further weaken the world’s innocence unintentionally through their actions. In their desperation to discover her whereabouts, her family, at times, resorts to manipulating those who are withholding information. The others who are involved in the search lie and threaten others, not to mention the anger and frustration that they have built up against Lyrah. And thus, in this way, the actions that were once considered unthinkable became a part of the world.

Thank you for the suggestions! They really did get my brain running.


Thank you for your suggestion! It gave me a launching point that’ll take me deeper into Lyrah’s motivations. 🙂

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