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K. A. Grey

@inkhorn Ahh, okay, I see what you’re trying to go for now.  My first idea might not really work then. 😂

So, this is giving me The Giver vibes.  Also maybe  The Matrix.  And I can kinda see the archetype of opening a forbidden secret, like Eve in Genesis or Pandora in Greek mythology.

What if she stumbles upon a website containing the secret thoughts and deeds of everyone in the world?  At first she is only curious about people she knows, but she starts to dig deeper and deeper until she discovers much darker secrets, making her doubt the innocent world she lives in.

  I think that since it’s such a volatile place, the plant life would have to be really resilient.  I like the idea of the roots being able to shift. Also, what if they also have the ability to retain a high water content, so it has a self-cooling system to help with the heat.  As for animal life, what about a lot of hoofed animals, that can stand the heat on their feet for at least several seconds without getting injured (unlike a dog, with vulnerable pads).  Also very nimble, like mountain goats, able to leap from place to place. Flying creatures would probably be able to survive better too. The animal life would probably also be sensitive to vibrations and temperature changes.

As for humans, I’m kinda imagining that they would be somewhat nomadic?  Living in tents or moveable structures, able to move quickly to safety. Perhaps they would also rely on some animals to “predict” earthquakes or volcanoes.


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