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Soo, the first thing I thought of is that she’s actually insane, and her family is desperately trying to bring her back down to reality. So one day she thinks it’s aliens, another day it’s noxious gases being released, but she’s clearly unstable. So once she finds the truth, she will basically destroy her own inner world, which her family is terrified will also destroy her.  (Is that a weird idea? I’m sorry, I can’t think of anything else right now.😂😂)

That’s actually a pretty cool idea! While I probably won’t be able to use all of it, I might be able to use some of it. 🙂


Yeah, I should have been more descriptive. The setting, so far, is realistic though that world is much more innocent than our world. While the people there are not perfect, every person genuinely cares for each other, and things such as wars have never been conceived in their minds.

I want the thing that the girl (I really to name her XD) finds to, in a way, wound their innocence. What I’m having trouble with is what that thing is and how it takes away their innocence. I’m trying to come up with ways that are more realistic and not “a powder that’s been released into the air turns everyone into savages.”


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