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Noah Cochran




Here’s one for y’all:

A fantasy world in a medieval-like era. This world is brimming with geothermal energy and tectonic shifts, and is constantly rent by earthquakes. Often, these earthquakes are far more than normal earth quakes. Some have ripped pieces of land apart creating huge trenches, others have thrown land masses into each other, creating sporadic, and numerous mountain ranges. Volcanoes are also numerous. I won’t go into the truly fantastical elements of this world, but suffice it to say, they are related this geo-power.

Here’s what I could use ideas on:

Firstly, in what ways would the flora and fauna (real-life/earth-like for now) exist and adapt in this world, especially in areas that are rife with such earthquakes and land shifts? And yes, the ways they adapt or survive can be completely fantastical (such as roots that shift with the ground).

Secondly, what technology, defenses, societal behavior, or anything people related would you imagine humanity would develop in a world like this? (again, especially in more dangerous places of the world)

Any ideas would be appreciated. 🙂

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