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Emily Waldorf


Thanks! Those were all good ideas. The monetary gain really is out of the picture with this genre. Too bad.

It really depends on how criminal-like you want Kyle to be

I can’t decide how criminal I want Kyle to be. I’m not imagining him as a crook, and I don’t think this story needs the subplot of a crook, but maybe it does.

One of my problems is that Andrea is supposed to go blind in the very first part of the book, and Kyle doesn’t break up with her until the middle (B/c that offers a plot twist.) Do you think that has to happen? Or, if it does (b/c I really want it to), is it okay if he’s sorta hanging in there, talking with her on social media or however they communicate, but when he actually sees her he breaks up with her?

I mean, I could make him this control-freak jerk who just wants to control Andrea, and her blindness is perfect b/c she’s dependent on him more. But when he comes to visit her at the camp for the blind, he realizes that she’s becoming independent there, so dumps her.

That sounds plausible but like LOTS of work to write.

Thanks again!

Quoth the raven, "Nevermore!"

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