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Noah Cochran


Alrighty, so if I’m understanding correctly, you need a nefarious or avaricious reason for Kyle to have been dating Andrea in the first place.

Hmm…the contemporary college setting is rather constricting. Did Kyle break up with Andrea because  she lost her eye sight? (i.e, did her use dissipate because she could no longer see?) If yes, than here are my thoughts:

Popularity gain is out in any form, because as far as I can tell, no one else cared about Andrea.

Monetary gain doesn’t seem realistic in this setting.

It really depends on how criminal-like you want Kyle to be. If you want him to be more like a normal college guy, then maybe he was using Andrea to look settled (for the benefits of his parents? but that doesn’t really work with the whole blind thing). He could have been using Andrea to help cover a money laundering or drug dealing scheme, but that doesn’t make much sense, because a blind girlfriend might be even better in that scenario.

Because of the whole ‘she went blind, he breaks up with her because of that event renders her useless’ thing, I’m going to have to create scenarios where Andrea is special in some way before her blindness sets in. These will change your character a lot, but if Kyle truly as a reason for her that is made moot by blindness, she needs a quality that…well, was made moot by blindness. xD So here we go:

Andrea is exceptionally skilled at reading people, and Kyle uses this skill to help him in con artistry? Something else nefarious?

Andrea is very intelligent, but because of her naivety, Kyle uses her to get through college (somewhat cliche, I know)

We’ll see if I can come up with a few more, but am I thinking along completely wrong lines of thought? (aka, is this what you were wanting, or did I just make several erroneous suggestions?)

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