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1. Name: Dorian or Ciaran

Edward Korsahn, but I usually just refer to him as Korsahn

2. Age: somewhere around 45

eeeh, I struggle with the math too, uh, but I think it would be somewhere in his forties

3. Career/Role in Story: he is the OC’s advisor and guide though we aren’t always sure he is always giving the best advice

…oh. oh no. he’s actually a villain… though the second part does apply

4. Personality: easygoing, confident, usually means well, worldly (meaning he knows much about the world)

He definitely gives off that vibe, except for the well meaning part. He’s a bit dramatic and likes to think he’s two steps ahead of everyone else. He’s very calm and confident as long he is or can trick everyone else into believing he’s in control. He doesn’t trust easily, and never let’s anyone too close.

5. Would you be friends with that character? Yes, but I would be cautious

Nope. He’ll try to flatter people and trick them into thinking he’s their friend, but he’s usually just keeping them around for their usefulness. If he does enjoy someone’s company, he has tendency to become controlling and to ensure that they don’t leave him.

6. Any other details noticed? He seems to be introducing himself, has a sharp face, and is surrounded by a strange shadow

shadow is stylistic choice mostly, born from me discovery on new tool in my art program lol. But yes, he is supposed he introducing himself as he is a very friendly guy and is looking for new “business partners”

7. Nickname: Key (based on the name Ciaran)

Not sure, but he does have an alias for villainous activities

8. Greatest Strength: observant

He is. He really knows how to spot weaknesses and strengths in people and to trigger the responses he wants from them.

9. Fatal Flaw: while he means well, he doesn’t always weigh the guidance he gives

Maybe pride? I’m not sure, but he does grow to hate one MC because they’ve directly insulted his status as the one in control, and in a way got through his defenses. It was a device of sorts that he prided himself on for being impossible for others to control. In comes 14 year old child who proceeds to take control of it himself. In reality, it was a small thing, insignificant to the overall plan, but it exposed a weakness/oversight, and Korsahn can’t have that.

10. Phrase this character is likely to say: “It’ll work out fine, trust me.”

Yes. He would… while planning to stab the person he’s saying it to in the back

11. Character’s family status: one sister, parents, everyone’s alive yet estranged from him

Orphan. No siblings.

12. Single or taken? Single

Currently. He’s had several relationships, but because he either becomes controlling or apathetic, none of them lasted for long

13. Children? None

One. A sweet girl named Leah.

14. Hobbies: acting, studying people’s habits and reactions to their environment

…right on the nose. He most definitely loves people watching, and loves theater and literature. Probably a bookworm.

15. Greatest Fear: not having an answer to any situation

Losing control, loving someone and being betrayed/abandoned by them, being manipulated by someone else. Ironically all of things he does/will do to others

16. Dreams and Aspirations: uh, I don’t know
<p style=”text-align: left;”>To be in control and to not have to worry about his fears</p>
18. Darkest Secret: his wanting to have an answer to every situation stems from when he failed a friend because he did not know what to do

I don’t know have one particular secret, but because he feels that he can’t trust anyone, well, there are a lot of things he’s hidden

19. Peculiarities: polishes his shoes when he is nervous, straightens his tie when in an awkward situation

Not sure about any nervous ticks yet, but he doesn’t really care if people think he’s a bad person nor does he hide it. Currently, in the public eye he’s a wealthy suave jerk known for stealing ideas from other companies, and his love life’s tragedies are notorious.

20. Meaning of their name: Ciaran means “dark” but I chose that because of the lighting not so much of his personality;

Korsahn I made up, and Edward because I wanted something that sounded a bit pretentious. I apologize to the other Edwards out there.

Thank you for interviewing him! I still see some flat bits in his character that I need to round out, but it’s less than there was before.

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