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Emma Walker

@ajstoryteller I’m going to go ahead since I have a new character to do.

if you want to do it don’t read the answers lol 😂


oooh she’s pretty! sorry I haven’t been on in a while



1) Name: Angelica or something elegant sounding

It’s Isolde Coleden.


2) Age: late teens, early twenties

Yeah…. So uh math, I have to make sure she is actually older that her brother hold on…. Yeah so I think she’s around 20.


3) Career/Role in Story: side character or main character

Well that depends in the story she appears in…

She was abandoned in a forest as a baby. I know that she was raised somehow but I’m not sure how. She doesn’t know anything about her biological family, except that she was left with a box that hinted royalty or high nobility.

At some point she does get these ice Powers, don’t know how yet, which causes her to suddenly be tossed into a ring of legends which she could care nothing about.


4) Personality: Rather intense. She puts passion into everything she does. Tends to be serious most of the time and is very perceptive of her surroundings… she’s either the voice of reason or the reason the group is in trouble. There is no in between.

Yeah. That’s all like really good. She takes the leading role usually because she is older.

5) Would you be friends with that character?: I think so.

Yeah… she might get scary sometimes though.


6) Any other details you may have gotten from the picture: Her clothes aren’t of a typical modern styling, so I assume this is fantasy. Also her eyes are very icy and I keep thinking of Elsa or one of my own characters.

Yeah she’s fantasy, and that’s exactly what I going for with her eyes!!!! At some point she actually does ‘inherit’ ice powers. But I don’t want her to seem so much like Elsa. Her hair has a red tint to it which hints of a Lepaian heritage.

7) What would this character’s nickname be?: Ice queen lol. I don’t really know… Angel or maybe something about her stubbornness

You’re so closeeeeee

Uh I actually don’t know.

8) Character’s greatest strength: She’s firm in her beliefs and doesn’t take trash from anyone.

Yeah. Very headstrong, obstinate, seemingly fearless.


9) Character’s fatal flaw: She has a hard time accepting when she’s wrong, and refuses to run away from danger and tries to handle all of her problems by herself.



10) Phrase that this character is likely to say: “Of course it’s a good plan. It was my plan.”

Hm, yeah, she might.


12) Character’s family status (parents alive? any siblings or other close family members?): Either a well-to-do family or she’s an orphan

Both!!!! *grins*

So on her father’s side, she was a princess. She has many half siblings because her father, king of Terriad, kept remarrying until he had a son, in a similar way to that of King Henry from our world.

She’s the oldest, which makes sense as she was a girl. She herself was abandoned and her mother sent away, everyone believed that they were both killed.

On that side she has a half sister and brother who were twins, but since the brother was younger they were also sent away.

Another half sister followed and she received similar treatment. Later she married a Duke, Jonathan Karson, and she’s an MC in her own story as well as a side character and mother to Cassidy Blaine and other characters that have already been interviewed. OH She’s the colorless one!

Her youngest half brother came after her and you know, finally a prince and stuff.

That’s only her father’s side.

Her mother remarried and lived with the Mallea, and so Isolde is half-siblings with Kallun Strenght, who was also interviewed not too long ago.

13) Single or taken?:  single



14) Characters children (if any?): none



15) Characters hobbies: Archery and fencing

I mean if that’s available to her, sure. But idk if it is. She’d enjoy it though. I’m not sure what her hobbies would be other than that.


16) Greatest fear: Finding a problem she can’t fix on her own

Probably. Maybe finding out the truth of her family.


17) Dreams and Aspirations: I’m not sure.

Same. Lol.


18) Darkest Secret: She buries her weaknesses under an icy facade. Not really a secret, but its something she keeps hidden at all times

Oh yeah. Definitely. I bet her ice powers are often difficult to hide.


19) Peculiarities: She likes small details in things. The tiny geometrics in snowflakes, speckles in butterfly wings, those are the sorts of things she enjoys seeing. Notices similar tiny details in the people she meets too.

Ah yes. I like that. Thank you.


20) The meaning of their name, (Either real meaning or your own story meaning): Something relating to beauty or grace

Hehehe this is actually really great.

Isolde actually means Snow Queen, which is why I’m tying that into her actual character.

Coleden is a name from the Green Ember books that I absolutely love.

Hope you had funnnnnn!!

thank you!

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