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K. A. Grey

@inkhorn  Soo, the first thing I thought of is that she’s actually insane, and her family is desperately trying to bring her back down to reality. So one day she thinks it’s aliens, another day it’s noxious gases being released, but she’s clearly unstable. So once she finds the truth, she will basically destroy her own inner world, which her family is terrified will also destroy her.  (Is that a weird idea? I’m sorry, I can’t think of anything else right now.😂😂)

  I’m assuming Kyle is a really shallow person (I mean, how can he not be with a name like Kyle?😉), so what if it’s a really shallow reason, like the accident deformed part of her face, and he doesn’t want to be seen with her anymore.

Or, if he’s a less shallow person, what if she’s really depressed and angry and isolating herself after the accident, and he just can’t handle the negativity.

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