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Emily Waldorf

The main thing I need help with is exactly how the girl is endangering the world (it’s kind of important to the story XD). I have a loose idea that the girl is searching for something that was expressly meant to be kept unknown.

Are you looking at realistic fiction? Speculative fiction? Sci-fi? I just want to know because that will determine how she’s endangering the world. If you want it to be realistic fiction, you could try something in the nuclear field. (The antagonists need her to save the world because her father engineered a nuke plant and she has a photographic memory) yadda yadda.

if it’s speculative, it could be that she’s got an evil clone and they’re actually looking for the clone; or that she has contact with an organism that lives beneath the earth/sea and the bad guys need to harness the the organism’s energy to “save” the world, but they are actually going to destroy it.

Or sci-fi…ask someone else. I don’t write sci-fi. But I think you get my drift now. Finding out the genre will be helpful, I think.

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