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Emily Waldorf

Okay, so I’m working on what’s called a concept or blurb. It’s what you’d find on the back of a book, but it’s also my first step in creating a new storyline. The object of a concept is to make sure the story has the 5 foundational elements of a story before you actually start writing. It’s not as fleshed out as a synopsis, even, but concept, synopsis, and outline stages all run together in one massive headache for me.

So, the 4 elements (there are 5, I only use 4) I’m looking for are:

1) A Sympathetic Character with 2) Believable Goals. 3) High Stakes and 4) A Plot Twist.

So here’s my concept. If you could bear those points in mind, I’d be really thankful!

Andrea Krim just doesn’t seem to fit, even though she’s pursuing her dream of a BA in Piano Performance; nobody wants to talk to a small-town girl in a big city college; except her trendy new boyfriend, Kyle.

On her way home for Christmas break, a bus accident robs her of her eyesight, her dreams, and her chance for a BA in seconds, and Andrea has to look the bleak future in the face: a future with nothing but Kyle.

When another semester finds her attending a camp for the blind instead of the Music Academy, looking on the bright side of things is no longer an option, even with the camp owner’s son, Casey, befriends her.

When Kyle finds out that his chance for ____? is gone, he breaks up with Andrea.

Will she ever find the acceptance and confidence she craves?

Can she learn to trust Casey as a friend–or more than a friend–with everything that’s happened to her?


Okay, so you noticed the ___ space. That’s because I need Kyle to break up with Andrea (because he’s a selfish jerk) but I don’t know why. He was only in the relationship because he thought he could get something off Andrea, but what? Money? It’s not like her BA is a get-rich-quick scheme, exactly. Thoughts? Oh, the genre is contemporary fiction, with a smattering of romance.

I’ve never learned the art of brainstorming, so forgive me if I’ve made you at a loss.

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