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The story I’m brainstorming goes along the lines of this. Girl receives cryptic message saying that the world is need of saving. Girl immediately sets off on a journey to save the world against the wish of her parents. Don’t worry, that’s not the end. I have several spins on this plot that include

1. It’s told from the girl’s older sister’s POV

2. The girl is endangering the world by trying to save it

3. The girl’s family will not sit idly by while the girl runs off to “save” the world

The main thing I need help with is exactly how the girl is endangering the world (it’s kind of important to the story XD). I have a loose idea that the girl is searching for something that was expressly meant to be kept unknown.


It’s a Wonderful Life really is a great movie though I found it a tad bit too long for my taste :/

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